Mountain View Optometry’s High-tech Eye Exam Equipment

We believe that modern, up to date equipment and technology help us take better care of your eyes.  There have been amazing advances to simplify our testing process and increase the accuracy of our prescriptions.  Digital imaging has helped us pick up signs of eye disease years in advance in many cases, and gives us clues as to who may need more specialized testing.

Zeiss i.Profiler Plus
The Zeiss i.Profiler Plus is an instrument that tests your exact optical “fingerprint”. Every eye is unique and there may be subtle irregularities that, if ignored, limit your best vision potential. Mountain View Optometry was the first practice in the province to beta-test the i.Profiler and we are excited to offer this brand new technology first to our patients. Learn more by clicking here.


optomap® Retinal Exam
The optomap® Retinal Exam is the latest device which helps us protect your vision.  It’s a scanning laser device that takes an ultra-wide field picture of your retinas.  It’s completely safe, quick, and painless, and enables our doctors to check your eyes in greater detail for any signs of a problem that could affect your eyesight. This equipment has greatly reduced the need for pupil dilation in many cases.


Digital Retinal Camera
The Retinal Camera takes a high-resolution image of the inside of your eye. Key structures that may be susceptible to disease are captured in digital format.  This allows the Doctor to assess whether you have any risk for eye disease, and creates a baseline which future images are measured against. The software helps the doctor pick up subtle changes from one exam to the next that may place you at risk for vision problems later on.


Visual Fields Analyser
This computerized instrument takes a precise measure of the sensitivity of your peripheral vision, and compares it to the expected values. Problems in this area can be an indication of glaucoma, retinal or optic nerve disease, or even brain tumours. The software is able to track the reliability of each test, and automatically alter the type of testing based on your responses during testing.


Humphrey’s FDT
The Humphrey’s FDT is similar to the above Visual Fields Analyzer, but simpler and quicker. It tests fewer points in your peripheral vision and is used primarily as a screening test. We now use the FDT for all adult complete eye exams to test your peripheral vision prior to your visit with the doctor.


GDx Laser Nerve Fiber Analyser
Glaucoma is a common disease with potentially serious consequences if undiagnosed. One risk factor for glaucoma is a thinning of the nerve fibre layer (NFL), the part of the retina immediately around the optic disc. The GDx uses a laser to measure the thickness of your NFL and compares it with statistical normal ranges. Finding a thinner NFL can help us diagnose glaucoma years in advance, preventing vision loss and possible blindness.